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You have an Idea for an App. So, what happens next?

You’ve just had that light bulb💡 moment and it’s an Idea for an App.

Okay, so what happens next?

You’ve maybe come across some blogs and content online helping you figure out what the next steps are such as;

But are the steps given to you enough and do you really understand what you are getting yourself into?

The main concern you may have will be the cost of brining that idea to life.

You can begin without money, but you will not be able to make a significant step forward without it. You will need it for the discovery phase, POC, prototype or MVP phase and lastly development phase.

The reason for this is that the development industry is based on investment and the mobile app industry can be very capital intensive.

As a result, we recommend that you begin raising funds as soon as you have a revelation or an idea. Before you can start developing, you need to get some funding, whether through bootstrapping, loans, or selling equity.

Things to keep in mind after you find an idea

It’s a Long-Term Investment , not only do you need money, but you also need to set aside time, make some extra effort, and maybe, just maybe, forget about having a routine for the first few months.

You must hire developers or contract with a development company.

Explore the Discovery phase, which includes idea validation, feasibility, customer feedback, and much more. As a result, you cannot begin building right away.

It can become costly, Aside from the costs of design and development, there are feasibility studies, pre-development marketing, branding costs, idea validation, and proof of concept gathering.

Yes, you can seek validation and design ideas from your family and friends (including Facebook friends) But are they the only people you foresee using your app?

Then you’ll need some credible validation techniques, which will cost money.

Once you have your findings, there are design costs, marketing costs, development costs, and scaling and maintenance costs.

However, you won’t regret investing. Because:

  • You are creating something better and more forward-thinking.
  • You will have proof of concept before investing all your time and money
  • Finally, once the product gains traction, you will make far more than you invested.

We can guarantee you, It Is Exciting and a Lot of Fun, how?

  • You are identifying a real problem that can be solved
  • Ideate innovations
  • Test your hypothesis and finding out people need your solution
  • Could possible be building a unicorn start up

So what important advice will help you along your journey?

1. Think and Plan

Get a paper and pencil and start building your product on paper. Start research on your idea. Crawl the market via the internet to find similar ideas, products, and performances. If you have an idea, there must be a problem that you are wanting to solve.

So, look at ways you can solve those problems and compare them with your idea. The goal of putting your ideas on paper is to identify the core of your service or product.
Let’s look at dropbox

If you have a great app idea that is similar to Dropbox, you should first understand what an existing service provides.
Dropbox eliminates the need for physical storage devices by storing files in the cloud, where they are accessible from any device.

2.Find an experienced development partner

Because the road ahead of you is complicated and full of unknown twists and turns. Having an experienced team on your side puts you ahead of the game from the start and eliminates risk that could be prevented. Find a development team that can help you in the discovery phase, prototype or MVP phase and development phase.

Here’s how a development team can step in:

  • Compensate for the skills and experience that you lack.
  • Be a part of your success and stress from day one
  • Spot the blind spots and protect you from getting into a fix.

3.Give it your all

A million-dollar idea does not ensure success. No matter how good an idea is, it takes a lot of work to make it a reality. Anyone’s lifelong dream is to create a product that sells for millions of rands or becomes a part of people’s daily lives.

However, dreams can only come true if they are executed flawlessly.

If you want to know more about how to move forward with an idea, you might have. Book a no-obligation session with our team and explore more ideas around technology to make your idea a reality.