Category: Start-up Advice

How to write your problem statement?

What Is a Problem Statement? A problem statement is usually one or two sentences that describe the issue that your solution will solve. A problem statement will, in general, highlight the negative aspects of the current situation and explain why they are important. Let’s use the example of Netflix, which […]

How to validated your business idea?

What is market validation? The process of gathering evidence around ideas through testing to make quick, educated, and risk-free decisions is known as concept validation. It’s a process that usually begins with an idea and ends with a paying consumer. The goal of idea validation is to test the feasibility […]

Difference between POC and MVP

When we are developing a new product or in the early stages of building a start-up, we have no idea if it will be accepted or where it will fit in the market. Therefore, it is critical to define our goal from the start and ensure that we are providing […]

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