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Bridging Vision with Reality

Startups We Helped

The healthcare industry struggled with fragmented health data management systems that hindered user engagement and efficient data access.

Skywalk Innovations developed FitVault, a health data SDK designed for mobile platforms. This solution revolutionizes the way health data is managed and accessed, offering seamless integration across devices.

FitVault significantly enhances user engagement by providing a user-friendly interface for health data management. It ensures secure, easy access to health information, leading to better health outcomes and personalized care strategies.

The Agrilogiq team were looking to modernise their platform to utilise more from Microsoft Azure. The challenge they had was that the current team are not technical enough from a Software perspective to conduct an assessment.

Skywalk Innovations team conducted a high level gap assessment and done a technical deep dive on the existing project that led to a blue print that provides a roadmap for modernisation.


South Africa is a diverse country with residents from various economic backgrounds. Skywalk collaborated with an enterprising startup to create and patent a one-of-a-kind collaborative video endorsement platform to open doors for ordinary people.

Mzansi Kids is an application that aims to teach our local youth different languages. The application is user-friendly and enables a quick learning curve for day-to-day learning. Children can choose an appropriate theme and tap on the image, which will play the sound in the chosen language and display the text.

The Regenize team were looking to improve their customers experience by integrating the various customer facing tools they use.  The challenge they had was that the current team are not technical enough from a Software perspective to conduct an assessment.

Skywalk Innovations team conducted a high level gap assessment and done a technical deep dive on the existing technologies and customer journey that led to a blue print that provides a roadmap for integration and orchestration.

Innoble, previously known as Trustlink Africa, is an end-to-end digital platform that enables buyers and suppliers to connect seamlessly.  Innoble is a small business platform that’s focused on SMEs, helping them become compliant with business goals to demonstrate their trust and credibility online.

Innoble focuses on reducing the cost of becoming compliant for both new and existing businesses, aligning with their compliance goals. It also aims to increase the number of informal businesses that want to become formal by reducing the number of middlemen between SMEs and their opportunities. Furthermore, Innoble is committed to providing a dignified and educational experience for all small business owners. This includes more integrations between the SME compliance certificate and the daily tools they use, simplifying the process for those looking to source from our SMEs and providing a straightforward way to connect with them.

Corporates We Helped

In collaboration with Altron, we used an existing platform of ours (Q-BooK) to quickly design and launch a scheduling and queuing application for their mobility center. The technology enables the mobility center to seamlessly digitize and automate processes.

Altron HealthTech

The Altron HealthTech team were looking to modernise a legacy platform to assist the organisation role out new features faster for their clients.  The challenge they had was that the current team was extremely busy with day to day and could not take out the necessary time to conduct an assessment.

Skywalk Innovations team conducted a high level gap assessment and done a technical deep dive on the existing project that led to significant cost savings.

In Merchandising it is often difficult and time consuming to conduct planning, buying, allocation, and replishment. Lynkd partnered with Skywalk Innovations developed Pattern, a business intelligence platform designed specifically for the retail planning and buying cycle

Pattern lets teams analyse in-season trends, optimise pre-season ranges and understand customer purchasing profiles through historical sales patterns. It removes the need to switch between assortment planning, reporting and BI tools and creating manual reports in spreadsheets saving teams hours of wasted manual effort freeing them up to focus on value-adding analysis and optimisation.

Bytes Altron partnered with Skywalk Innovations to work on Vodacom’s microservice project, with the goal of modernizing the current system to cloud microservices. The architecture incorporates the latest tools for operational metrics. The small size and relative isolation of microservices lead to many benefits, such as easier maintenance, better productivity, higher fault tolerance, and improved business alignment. This modernization effort aims to enhance overall system performance and efficiency.

Full Bright Investments operates a commercial property sales system for one of our Namibian clients. They required a unique system that closely integrates networking business organizations involved in the sale of development properties. This unique business model makes it easier for people to buy houses by enabling banks, insurance companies, and law firms to collaborate seamlessly, thus facilitating the home buying process for customers.

Skywalk Innovations has developed a robust property and sales management system that allows each user to manage the capturing and sales of properties and projects. The solution also enables users to track and monitor turnaround times and assess sales performance

The National Empowerment Fund (NEF) is a leader in promoting and facilitating the participation of black people in the economy. It supports this by providing financial and non-financial assistance to black-owned businesses and encouraging black individuals to save and invest. Skywalk Innovations was appointed as a service provider to develop an online business plan toolkit. This toolkit will help SMMEs develop comprehensive business plans and financial models and also enable them to apply for funding online. The NEF is on a mission to transition its traditional business processes to digital ones, which will enhance efficiency, reduce the time required to complete tasks, and secure their data for business intelligence or reporting purposes.

Kay Mason Foundation (KMF), an organization dedicated to transforming the lives of underprivileged South African youth by providing scholarships and comprehensive educational support. Skywalk Innovations was contracted by the Kay Mason Foundation to develop a sophisticated scholar application and onboarding portal. This portal was designed to streamline the processing of applications, enhance the filtering of candidates, and support the Foundation’s expansion goals. It integrates with existing systems to handle increased application volumes and improve operational efficiencies. The ultimate was to facilitate the Foundation’s transition from manual to digital processes, thereby enhancing decision-making capabilities and program management.

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Innovation Opportunities

We assist leaders in professional services firms design and implement initiatives that focus on generating a ROI through modernization initiatives like:

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