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AWS Consulting Services

Skywalk Innovations provides a wide range of cloud consulting services that are customized to meet the needs of businesses in various industries. Our team of AWS experts has helped organizations migrate important workloads, create serverless applications, develop cloud-native applications, and more. Our efforts are focused on improving business performance and achieving long-term profitability for our valued customers.

Our team of AWS experts is dedicated to assisting you throughout your cloud journey. This includes tasks such as migrating your infrastructure to the cloud, creating serverless applications for improved efficiency, and utilizing advanced technologies to gain a competitive advantage. Our objective is to enhance your business by utilizing the capabilities of Amazon Web Services, providing long-term value, and prioritizing efficiency, scalability, security, and compliance, ensuring a seamless transition to the cloud.


Cloud Native App Development

Unlock the future of application development with AWS Cloud Native solutions! Dive in and experience efficiency, scalability, and innovation like never before.


Application Modernization

Revitalize your legacy systems with Application Modernization! Embrace the digital era and propel your business forward with cutting-edge transformations.



Unleash unparalleled flexibility and efficiency with Containerization! Simplify deployments, scale effortlessly, and ensure consistency across environments.


Data Lakes & Pipelines

Dive deep into Data Lakes & Pipelines for a reservoir of insights and agility! Harness vast data streams seamlessly and unlock powerful analytics to drive decisions.


Data & Analytics

Empower your decisions with Data and Analytics! Turn raw data into actionable insights, driving innovation and setting the pace in a data-driven world.



Experience the power of Serverless and say goodbye to infrastructure management! Focus on code, deliver faster, and scale automatically with minimal overhead.



Transform your software delivery with DevOps! Implement best practices, leverage powerful solutions, foster collaboration, accelerate release cycles, and ensure reliability.

Skywalk Innovation is an AWS Select Tier Services Partner participating in the AWS Public Sector Partner program. Our vision is to build Africa 3.0, and empower the individuals and organizations looking to join us by igniting their opportunity to become contributors contributor in changing the narrative of Africa.

Our mission is to empower individuals and organizations with the tools and services required to build a technology-enabled business through a dignified and empowering experience.

As AWS partners, we are uniquely positioned to help customers take full advantage of all that AWS has to offer and accelerate their journey to the cloud.

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Siyabonga Tawana
Geoffrey Mouton
Senior Developer
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Senior Developer
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Junior Developer
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Junior Developer

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Skywalk Innovations, an authorized AWS partner, offers a comprehensive range of services related to AWS. We are here to assist you with all your cloud computing requirements. Our company provides a range of AWS services including Consulting, Architecture Design, Migration, DevOps, AWS Management and Monitoring, and Cost Optimization.

AWS Cloud has many advantages, including its speed, agility, cost-efficiency, reliable encryption and security, a variety of useful tools, infrastructure and server capacity. Worth mentioning infrastructure reusability, that isn’t offered by any alternatives.

We specialize in providing AWS consulting services, including the development, design, migration, building, and testing of AWS infrastructure. We have expertise in deploying applications on the AWS platform. We also oversee cloud infrastructure and continually seek opportunities for improvement. Additionally, we assist enterprises in transitioning to the cloud by integrating AWS services into their current infrastructure.

The cost of moving to AWS can vary significantly depending on various factors, including the specific services you plan to use, the scale of your infrastructure, your usage patterns, and the region in which you operate. AWS offers a wide range of services, and the pricing for each service can be different.

When you are ready to start your journey, click the work with us button and book a FREE 30 min consultation session. Our team of experts will contact you promptly to discuss potential solutions for your project.

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