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You have an Idea for an App. So, what happens next?

You’ve just had that light bulbđź’ˇ moment and it’s an Idea for an App. Okay, so what happens next? You’ve maybe come across some blogs and content online helping you figure out what the next steps are such as; Identifying your problem and solution Conduct market research Find your target […]

How to write your problem statement?

What Is a Problem Statement? A problem statement is usually one or two sentences that describe the issue that your solution will solve. A problem statement will, in general, highlight the negative aspects of the current situation and explain why they are important. Let’s use the example of Netflix, which […]

Skywalk Innovations Startup Guide Part 1

South Africa and Africa as a whole are notorious for having the most resilient start-ups, as we often joke that if you can build a start-up in Africa and make money, you can build a start-up anywhere. We made many mistakes, as many start-ups do but our belief in Africa […]

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