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GoPeak Case Study

Executive Summary

GoPeak International (Pty) Ltd. is dedicated to helping business owners and executives achieve their peak performance potential. In collaboration with Skywalk Innovations, they aimed to create a web-based platform focused on self-check-in diagnostics and coaching session bookings, addressing challenges like workplace bias caused by personal relationships and poor data management. The chosen solution leveraged AWS serverless services to streamline and automate these processes while providing scalability and efficiency.

About the Customer

GoPeak is dedicated to helping business owners and executives achieve their peak performance potential. Their tailored programs offer a unique blend of coaching and mentoring, drawing from the founder’s extensive mountaineering career and a wide range of effective business tools and techniques. The company’s mission is to assist their clients in realizing their full potential and successfully reaching their goals.

Customer Challenge

GoPeak needed to create a user-friendly web-based platform for the Peak Performance Toolkit (PPT), allowing for self-service check-ins, assessments, goal-setting diagnostics, and the booking of coaching sessions. The platform needed to automate the process of data collection to mitigate bias, which can occur in person-to-person workplace assessments.

The existing systems had limitations, including insufficient capacity for multiple users, a reliance on siloed technology for diagnostics, and unstructured data storage.

This challenge underscored the criticality of providing a smooth and effective user experience. It emphasized the complexity involved in creating a fair and efficient evaluation process. Additionally, it brought to light issues regarding data loss and management inefficiencies.


AWS has the most comprehensive set of serverless technologies to build the GoPeak digital platform. The serverless capabilities of AWS, combined with the experience of Skywalk Innovations, leverage these technologies to reduce the infrastructure setup time, the development time, and the cost of building and running the solution. The integration of Amazon S3 and RDS provides robust data storage for the solution.

Ultimately, our choice of AWS is a testament to our unwavering commitment to efficiency and cost-effectiveness. The familiarity of our team with AWS, combined with the advantages of serverless computing and robust data storage, solidifies AWS as the ideal cloud platform for our needs.

Why the Customer Chose Skywalk Innovations

GoPeak partnered with Skywalk to address their challenges in their quest to improve their services with a new digital platform. As an AWS Partner, Skywalk Innovations is uniquely qualified to propose, develop, and deploy potential solutions on AWS. Combined with the team’s experience leveraging AWS Lambda, Lambda triggers, AWS RDS, and Amazon S3 to create efficient, automated, and scalable systems This collaboration with Skywalk Innovations was crucial in overcoming the challenges faced by GoPeak.

Partner Solution

GoPeak aspired to develop a digital solution that facilitated self-check-ins, assessments, and goal-setting, aiming for a seamless, efficient, and unbiased data collection experience. We initiated the project with Discovery sessions to define and document various user journeys, comprehending the business challenges and desired outcomes. This groundwork enabled us to design an application tailored to provide essential user interactions through a unified interface, catering to different user roles. This approach simplified data collection and ensured its consolidation in a secure, analyzeable, and decision-friendly data repository.

The user interface was crafted as an Angular single-page application, hosted in an AWS S3 bucket, and distributed via CloudFront. This application interacted with an API Gateway endpoint, where AWS Lambda functions executed authentication and application logic. We integrated AWS Cognito for user account management, enhancing security compliance. Data storage was efficiently handled using AWS Relational Database Services and S3 buckets.

Our solution incorporated AWS EventBridge to automate the dispatch of Lambda-generated emails. This automation minimized human involvement and proactively engaged users to complete actions in the application, thereby gathering inputs in a timely manner and mitigating potential bias. This strategic integration aligned perfectly with GoPeak’s commitment to fairness and objectivity.

Results and Benefits

Enhanced User Experience and Efficiency: The digital application developed for GoPeak revolutionized the way users interact with the couching process. By enabling self-check-ins, self-assessments, and goal setting through a unified user interface, the application significantly streamlined the user experience. This seamless interaction not only saved time but also increased user satisfaction and engagement.

Improved Data Collection and Fairness: The detailed design and execution of the application ensured an unbiased and impartial data collection process. By automating and standardizing data entry, the solution minimized human error and bias, leading to more reliable and objective data outcomes.

Robust Security and Compliance: Integrating AWS Cognito for user account management sets the application’s security framework. This compliance with security standards ensured user data protection and privacy, fostering trust and confidence among users.

Efficient Data Management and Analysis: The use of AWS Relational Database Services and S3 Buckets for data storage provided a scalable and secure solution for data management. This setup allowed for easy access, analysis, and decision-making, empowering GoPeak with data-driven insights.

Automated Communication and Bias Reduction: The implementation of AWS EventBridge for automating Lambda-generated emails was a key innovation. This feature ensured timely and consistent communication with users, encouraging them to complete necessary actions within the application. Such automation played a crucial role in reducing potential bias and maintaining the integrity of the process.

Scalable and Cost-Effective Infrastructure: Hosting the application on AWS, utilizing services like Lambda, API Gateway, and Cloudfront, offered a scalable and cost-effective infrastructure. This adaptability meant that as user numbers grew, the system could easily accommodate the increased demand without compromising performance.

GoPeak’s digital solution, built on AWS, successfully delivered a user-friendly, secure, and efficient platform. It not only met the immediate needs of the users but also established a foundation for continuous improvement and scalability.

About the Partner

Skywalk Innovation is an AWS Select Tier Services Partner participating in the AWS Public Sector Partner program.

Our vision is to create Africa 3.0, to empower individuals and organizations interested in joining us by igniting their opportunity to contribute to changing the narrative of Africa.

Our mission is to empower individuals and organizations with the tools and services required to build a technology-enabled business through a dignified and empowering experience.

As AWS partners, we are uniquely positioned to help customers take full advantage of all that AWS has to offer and accelerate their journey to the cloud.

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