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What is Engineering Teams?

Work alongside our engineering team to convert your idea from design, specification, or prototype to fully functional software. We focus on delivering a product that makes you and your future users happy.

Our team of over 30 experienced developers, analysts, project managers, and user interface designers delivers world-class products for individuals and organizations. We bring structure, speed, and insights with our combined experience of over 50 years building scalable solutions across various industries.

Engineering Process

Select Team Size
Initial Team Scope Meeting
2 Week Sprints/ Daily stand ups
2 Week Progress Demos
Sprint Retrospective
End of engagement (IP Handover)

What You Gain

Features & Benefits

Agile Approach: An iterative product delivery process focused on flexibility, communication, and delivering what you need throughout.

Dedicated Team: We’ll partner you with a team whose skills are geared towards fulfilling your needs.

World-Class Software: By the end of our Engineering journey, you’ll have a digital solution designed and developed by our industry-expert team members.

Who benefits from Engineering?

For non-technical founders who want to ensure sustainable growth from day one. Work with a specialized team that’ll help you design the perfect solution for your business. We’ll design a product to meet your current needs and can scale to meet future needs.

For large organisations looking for a group of highly experienced teams to help you build new technologies. Our teams work across areas like cloud computing, big data, machine learning, the internet of things, etc. We bring fresh ideas and insights at start-up speed.

Engineering projects


We do work across the Vodacom group in various areas like Big Data, AWS Cloud, Microservices etc.

Standard Bank

We built and deployed one of our internal solutions to assist Standard Banks technicians to assist the large employee base within South Africa. The product is built and deployed via AWS and has multiple mobile applications built on IONIC/Angular.


We work closely with the MRI team building out their Microservices across the Azure cloud stack.

Our Specialties


Pricing is calculated based on the team size and skills of the team. Our team sizes range from large(6+ people) to Small(4 people) with seniority from Senior to Junior.

We are able to provide a team for a minimum of 1 month to someone. However we notify clients that it does impact the amount of work that can be delivered.

Billing is processed at the end of every month a team is allocated with a client

All clients own their own IP

To make it worthwhile for all clients we offer discounts based on the duration of the team assigned to them.

Every team has a project manager assigned to them who is in charge of communication and managing of overall delivery.

With all clients our first engagement is to understand and scope work to be done to have an estimate time period attached to potential work. Clients can cancel at any time to ensure projects don’t go forever.

Frequently Asked Questions

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