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What is Growth?

Growth is about keeping your products ready to meet the ever-changing demands of business and achieve your business goals. Once your product is live, we ensure it continuously meets user expectations, so you stay current within your market.

Our team has a combined experience of over 50 years of building and modernizing technology in a variety of industries. We bring structure, speed and relevant insight to your technology projects.

The Growth Process

Whether your product was built by us or someone else, we’ve got you covered.

If someone else built your product, we start by conducting a technical assessment to determine any gaps in its design and define the ideal future state of the software.

We establish the goals for your product to reach in 6 and 12 months time.

We establish a comprehensive product roadmap.

We assemble a team with the skills needed to meet your business’s goals.

We follow the engineering process

What You Gain

Features & Benefits

Product Blueprint

We use data-driven analysis to provide deep insights into your current product and determine how it can grow.

Dedicated Team

We’ll partner you with a team whose skills are geared towards fulfilling your needs.


Our well-structured methodology ensures continuous improvements, concise documentation, and knowledge that’ll help you grow.

We Can Help With

Cloud Migration

Infrastructure preventing your product from growing? Chat to us about how we can migrate your product to the cloud or advise your team on how to do it.

Product Development

Are you looking to build a mobile/web application to transform your customers experience? Chat to us to learn how we can take help you build the next award winning product.

Product Insights

Your product is growing, but you need better insights into what can be improved or what is selling better? Chat with us and learn how we can help you discover valuable insights about your audience and business.

Transforming Legacy Systems

Struggling to manage your product due to technical debt or an antique technology stack being used? Chat with us to learn about our modernization approach and strategies.

Who benefits from Growth?


For non-technical founders who want to ensure sustainable growth from day one.
Work with a specialized team that’ll help you design the perfect solution for your business. We’ll design a product to meet your current needs and can scale to meet future needs.


For larger organisations looking for a product team to help grow, scale, and stabilise a product built by a third party. We offer the ability to tap into a group of highly experienced experts. Our teams have completed multiple successful modernisation projects, incorporating the latest technologies across various areas like cloud computing, big data, machine learning, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

Pricing is broken up into two components:

Component 1: Technical Assessment (Required for products not built by Skywalk)
Priced as a flat fee for a 2 week process

Component 2: Monthly team fee
Priced as a monthly fee with 3 options to purchase based on time required during growth stage

Component 1: Technical Assessment (Required for products not built by Skywalk)
2 weeks

Component 2: Monthly team
6 – 12 Months

Billing is processed at the end of every month

All clients own their own IP

With all clients our first engagement is to understand what the goal or milestone is for their product at the end of the initial period. Our team is aligned to the goal and ensures everything done during the time together is focused on achieving the goal.

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