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Pre-build VS Custom Software

If you’re looking for a digital solution for your idea or business, you’re probably thinking about either building a custom solution or looking at pre-built software that can be personalized. Custom built solutions will provide you with a fully functional product that meets all your business objectives.

A pre-built solution, on the other hand, allows for quick integration and no additional costs. Both options have advantages and disadvantages; let’s look at them and see which one best suit your needs and what to look out for when choosing.




Pre-built software has a lower initial cost. For hidden, long-term pricing, always check subscription, support, and upgrade costs.

Fast Implementation

The good news is that a pre-built solution can be ready to use right away. If you decide you need a piece of software, you can get it the next day.

User Communities

If you select a well-known product, you will find numerous online forums dedicated to it. You’ll have a large group of people to ask about any problems you may have.


Limited Functionality

You will not be able to find the perfect pre-built solution that solves all your problems. You’ll choose the one that covers the most ground and work around the rest.

Convenient conditions

Most solutions require a monthly subscription, so you can simply stop using your tool as soon as it no longer meets your needs.

No competitor advantage

By selecting off-the-shelf software, you are selecting a solution that is available to all your competitors. This means that once you’ve put in the time and taken the risk of proving them, your competitors will be able to easily replicate them.

Custom Software



Custom is the way to go when you have big plans for growth. It can be modified more easily, allowing you to start small and add more features as you grow.

Competitive Edge

Custom developers create with cutting-edge technology. With a pre-built solution, you run the risk of starting your business with obsolete technology.

Individual approach

Custom software is designed with the specific needs of the business in mind, so it contains no extraneous features. Developers apply this solution to current business activities as well as the integration of new tasks.



Because a custom software solution is built from the ground up and allows for endless customization, it will almost certainly require a larger initial investment.


You won’t be able to put this into action the next day, week, or month. Custom software is a time-consuming process that pays off in the end.

Dependency on Provider

It can be difficult to switch providers halfway through or after the process has been completed. It is critical to select the right company to work with from the start.

At the end of the day

You have a choice. If your requirements are simple and unspecialized, a pre-built solution may sufficient. The custom route is for you if you intend to grow and use cutting-edge technology in all your processes.

At Skywalk Innovations we can help you with both options. If you are still not sure what is best for you, click to contact us and book a free, no obligation tech session.