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What is Discover with Skywalk?

“Discover with Skywalk" is about unpacking your digital idea, we go on a journey to understand what it will
take to build and design a digital product that your users will love, this is done completely code free!
We understand the time, effort and cost it takes to build a digital product. "Discover with Skywalk" is an
iterative workshop approach over 3-6 weeks, which allows you to understand the product and users you’re
building for and including them in the feedback loop from day 1!

Our Approach

In “Discover with Skywalk” we spend time getting to know our clients and assessing their business goals and collecting as much information and requirements for the digital application best suited to their unique needs. 

Discover with Skywalk Process

Are you product ready?

Determine which Discover with Skywalk Innovations path is suitable for you to take.

Who benefits from Discover with Skywalk?


Non-technical founders don't be afraid to explore that opportunity because you don't have the tech know-how. Let us guide you from idea to tested product to ensure you remain focused on building the dream product.


Why wait to be disrupted when you can discover the next cutting edge solution to facilitate your business growth. Your have a competitive advantage, let us leverage that with technology to ensure the digital path you decide to embark on is worth it.

Why us?

Talented Team

Looking for that outside thinking, or a blend of business and technology? Chat with us to learn how we can assist you in leveraging technology in a strategic and prioritized way.

Goal Oriented

Results is what matters.

Fixed Price

For a flat fee we help you go on this journey.

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